What is CrossRoad?

About CrossRoad

CrossRoad is a ten-day academic summer institute that prepares high school juniors and seniors to make big life decisions and invites them to connect with the Orthodox Christian theological and spiritual tradition. Participants from all over the country come together to experience daily worship, take theology classes from some of the best professors in the country, visit local parishes, serve their neighbor, tour the city, and spend a day at the beach.

Historically, CrossRoad has been hosted solely on the campus of Hellenic College Holy Cross. Since 2018, we have expanded to Chicago and host a third session on the campus of North Park University in Chicago, IL!

Alumni Testimonials

“My time here at CrossRoad has changed my life. CrossRoad is more than just a camp, it is an immersion into the Orthodox faith. I have created friendships that will not just last a lifetime, but also experience the same spiritual struggles that I do. Together, we can grow closer to Christ and learn more about our faith. I am proud to call myself a CrossRoad alumni and I am eager to spread my faith to the world.”

(Dimitri, June ’15)

“I have experienced more love and camaraderie than I thought possible in so little time, and have learned so many valuable lessons of moral construction through humility, love, acceptance, and forgiveness in the pursuit of delighting in Christ.”

(Alexa, June ’16)

Important Dates for CrossRoad 2021

  • Session 1
    June 12 – June 22
  • Session 2
    June 29 – July 9
  • Session 3
    July 19 – July 29

Program Costs

What Tuition Covers

There is a tuition fee for the 2021 CrossRoad Summer Institute of $900 for the ten-day session. This tuition fee represents less than 35% of the $2,500 actual cost to support each participant. In addition, travel arrangements to and from Hellenic College (Session 1 & Session 2) or North Park University (Session 3) are also the responsibility of the participant.

That stated, it is our CrossRoad policy that no accepted participant requesting financial aid will be turned away. For this reason, limited funds are available to assist participants who are unable to pay the full tuition fee.

Oftentimes parishes of accepted CrossRoad applicants provide full or partial financial aid. Please consider approaching your parish to see if they would be willing to help provide support. If you would like help drafting a request for support from your parish, please contact us.


We realize that for many participants, this is their first time traveling alone. We are extremely sensitive to the fact that it can be nerve-racking to send your child on a plane by his or her self and we work very hard to make this a stress-free experience.

All participants who travel by plane, are asked to fly into Boston Logan (Session 1 & 2 in Boston) and O’Hare Air (Session 3 in Chicago). We schedule our shuttles to pick up each participant no more than twenty minutes after their arrival time (allowing adequate time for participants to pick up their bags).

CrossRoad staff members greet participants directly at their baggage claim. The staff members wear uniform CrossRoad shirts and hold signs with the participants’ names. In the event that they do not see a staff member, they can call our office where we have staff manning the phone and communicating with the drivers constantly.

If you live within driving distance, your child can be dropped off by car on our campus during the allotted drop-off times.


Participant safety and security is of utmost concern to the staff here at CrossRoad. We have developed specific and detailed policies to ensure that your children remain safe on and off campus.

We do not have a medical staff on campus but each staff member undergoes CPR/First Aid training prior to the program. Additionally, our campus is situated minutes from some of best hospitals and medical care in the country.


All transportation during CrossRoad, other than airport shuttling, is outsourced to a reputable bus company. Students and staff are transported by bus during all the program’s excursions. Staff members drive vans to pick-up and drop-off students from the airport.


Throughout the duration of CrossRoad, participants stay in the residence hall of Hellenic College Holy Cross (Session 1 & Session 2) or North Park University (Session 3). The residence halls contains single rooms with a single bed, dresser, and closet. The facility is split into two sides; the men stay on one side and the women on the other.


The meals during CrossRoad are provided by both Hellenic College (Session 1 & 2), North Park University (Session 3) and outside vendors. The CrossRoad Program cannot guarantee the allergy-free status of any meal but we do our best to accommodate all participant allergies of which we are made aware.


Our Wonderful Staff

CrossRoad is staffed by graduate theology students who come with prior youth work experience, demonstrate excellent leadership qualities, and exhibit a strong grounding in the Orthodox faith. Occasionally we will hire a college senior who displays exceptional leadership qualities and significant youth-work experience. We carefully and intentionally hire emotionally sound and highly capable staff.

CrossRoad staff members undergo approximately 100 hours of training before the program. This training involves readings and discussions on various topics including in depth study of adolescent formation and youth popular culture.

CrossRoad staff members complete the Archdiocese-endorsed program for the protection of children. To read the entirety the policies in the Youth Protection Manual, visit the website: youth.goarch.org. CrossRoad staff members are also cleared with background checks and are CRP/First Aid certified.

In the past, the mentoring friendships developed between CrossRoad participants and staff have continued and still continue well beyond the program itself. From our perspective as CrossRoad administrators, the presence of staff mentors in the lives of our CrossRoad alumni is a wonderful means of helping the students see Christian role models and continue their spiritual journey.

Dr. Ann Bezzerides

Dr. Ann Bezzerides

Director, Office of Vocation & Ministry
Kyra Limberakis

Kyra Limberakis

Director, CrossRoad
Alex Demos

Alex Demos

Assistant Director, CrossRoad

Our Supporters

The Office of Vocation & Ministry, which runs CrossRoad, lives in deep gratitude for the amazing support of an incredible group of donors who makes this ministry possible. THANK YOU to all our supporters! 

Learn more about support for CrossRoad here!


An Inspiring Legacy: How a Lifetime of Faith, Hope, and Love led to a CrossRoad Scholarship Endowment


College Prep

CrossRoad equips participants with tools that they will need to identify their strengths and apply these strengths to the needs of this world. The kind of reflection in which they participate, and the guidance they receive, prepares them to face the next phase of their life confidently, and be able to navigate career options. Participants take classes that will prepare them for the level of study and discussion that they will find in college.

There is a substantial service component to the CrossRoad program, and participants are able to record 4 community service hours from their participation.

Faith Formation & Education

Participants attend seminary-level courses on the Orthodox faith given by our country’s finest theologians.

Participants engage in classes during four of the ten days of CrossRoad receiving extensive instruction from exceptional theology professors.

Throughout all courses, speaker presentations, and staff-led sessions, participants are encouraged to ask and discuss life’s big questions. They are given extensive time and space to reflect on how their faith informs the entirety of their life.


Vocation and Parenting Handbook : Companion Materials for the Audio Resource

Audio Resource (coming soon)

Non-Discrimination Policy

In the operation of its educational programs, CrossRoad Institute admits students of any race, color, national origin and ethnic origin to all of the rights, privileges, programs and activities generally accorded or made available to students of CrossRoad. CrossRoad Institute does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin and ethnic origin in the administration of its programs.