Who is Eligible?

CrossRoad is designed to best meet the needs of Orthodox teens in their junior or senior year of high school who desire to deepen their faith in an Orthodox setting. For this reason, applicants must be between the ages of 16 and 18 years old, and should not have graduated high school prior to April of the year they apply. For CrossRoad 2020, we will accept students in the high school class of 2020 or 2021 (juniors and seniors).

We are actively seeking a 50/50 male/female ratio, as well as students from as many Eastern and Oriental Orthodox Christian backgrounds as possible. Preference will be given to Orthodox Christian youth who reside in North America.

For questions on eligibility or for more information contact us.

Is there a tuition charge for CrossRoad?

Yes, for summer 2020 there is a tuition charge for the CrossRoad Summer Institute of $950 for the ten-day session.

Travel arrangements to and from Hellenic College (Session 1 & Session 2) or North Park University (Session 3) are also the responsibility of the student.

Participant accommodations, meals, and activities related to CrossRoad are covered by the scholarship and partial tuition charge. We recommend that students bring some spending cash for our outings into Boston or Chicago.

Home churches of participants are encouraged to help with tuition and travel costs and to have their student present or write on their experience after attending.

What if I cannot afford this tuition?

It is our CrossRoad policy that no accepted participant requesting tuition assistance will be turned away. The application process is “needs blind”; the acceptance process is independent of student financial need.

How do I apply for financial aid?

Students will be able to apply for financial aid only after they have been accepted to the program. Accepted applicants will receive scholarship information with their acceptance letter.

Why is there a tuition charge for CrossRoad?

This $950 tuition fee represents less than 38% of the $2,500 that it actually costs us to support each participant. This amount is in line with many of our Orthodox camping programs, and is well below other academic and leadership development programs hosted on college campuses. CrossRoad receives the support from the Old Neighborhood Foods, John C. Kulis Charitable Foundation, The Nicholas J. and Anna K. Bouras Foundation, Inc., Orthodox Vision Foundation, CrossRoad parents and alumni, and additional generous donors from the greater HCHC and Orthodox community. The $850 charge asks youth, their families and communities to invest with us. Funding CrossRoad is truly a collaborative initiative!

For more information contact us.

How are students selected?

Students are selected through an application process. We place the most weight on the applicants’ essay and recommendations and will specifically look to have a diverse group of students. We do ask for high school transcripts, but this is only informational for us, to see the various interests and strengths of applicants. We can only accept a limited number of applicants, so be sure to submit all of your application materials by the application deadline.

For questions on our selection process or for more information contact us.

Which jurisdictions can attend?

Orthodox Christians who are part of one of the following jurisdictions are eligible to attend CrossRoad:

The Eastern Orthodox Churches

The Patriarchate of Constantinople

    • The Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America
    • The Ukranian Orthodox Church of the USA
    • The Ukranian Orthodox Church of Canada
    • The American Carpatho-Russian Orthodox Greek Catholic Church
    • The Albanian Orthodox Diocese of America
    • The Belarusian Council of Orthodox Churches in North America

The Patriarchate of Alexandria
The Patriarchate of Antioch

    • The Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese of North America

The Patriarchate of Jerusalem
The Patriarchate of Moscow and All Russia

    • Parishes of the Russian Orthodox Church – Moscow Patriarchate
    • Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia (ROCOR)

The Patriarchate of Serbia
The Patriarchate of Romania
The Patriarchate of Bulgaria
The Georgian Orthodox Church
The Church of Cyprus
The Church of Greece
The Orthodox Church of Poland
The Albanian Orthodox Church
The Orthodox Church in the Czech and Slovak Republics
The Orthodox Church in America
The Orthodox Church of Finland
The Orthodox Church of Japan

The Oriental Orthodox Churches

The Armenian Apostolic Church
The Coptic Orthodox Church
The Ethiopian Orthodox Church
The Syrian Orthodox Church
The Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church
The Eritrean Orthodox Church