Will We Follow God’s Agenda? I know that I will struggle…

by Sophia Bambalis CR ‘06

Annunciation, Winston-Salem, NC
[Article re-printed from Down the Road, vol 11, 2007]

While I was unpacking my suitcase from CrossRoad, I came across an American Eagle bag I had obtained during a shopping trip to Faneuil Hall. The statement on the bag caught my eye: it said, “live your life.” Like many of my fellow ’06 CrossRoadies, I can see college and independence on the visible horizon, and I cannot wait to live my life by my own schedule.

Even though I am excited to embark on this independent stage of life, I know that I will struggle with following my own self-serving agenda versus God’s agenda (especially on Sundays when I will have the free will to sleep in). Last year as I watched over 500 graduates receive their high school diplomas; I heard the name of a member of my church announced. When he was walking down the isle with his diploma in hand, he reverently did the sign of the cross in front of at least 1,000 people in the coliseum.

As many of us ’06 CrossRoadies receive our diplomas this spring and take our first steps towards a more independent stage of life, let us all remember the blessings that God has granted us, and let us all keep in touch so that we can help each other follow God’s agenda.