Day 10 – June 2008

After Liturgy and brunch, we went to Salisbury Beach in Salisbury Massachusetts. Afterwards we had a BBQ Dinner in Newburyport and headed back to campus for closing activities.

Day 9 – June 2008

This morning we celebrated liturgy on campus. Following brunch we separated into groups and were blessed to visit three local nursing homes to spend some time with the residents. Upon returning to campus we shared our experience during our visit. After vespers and dinner we had a presentation by Fr. Luke Veronis who spoke to us about vocation and missions.

Day 8 – June 2008

In the morning, we went on our Breakfast Search (unable to be photographed). In small groups with CrossRoad staff, we asked homeless people in Cambridge to have breakfast with us and share their personal journey with us. Since we had risen so early for this, after lunch we rested during Be Still Time. Then we went to Vespers at the OCA Cathedral in Boston. Upon returning to HCHC, Dr. Rossi, professor at St. Vladimir’s Seminary, spoke about Vocation and Relationships.

Day 7 – June 2008

Following classes today, we traveled to St. George Antiochian Church in West Roxbury, MA to embark on one of our favorite CrossRoad activities…Defending Your Faith. Here, teams of CrossRoaders defended their faith to CrossRoad staff who were role playing people of other faiths. The CrossRoaders used the lessons learned this week in the classroom to defend their faith to others. Tonight we travelled to Holy Epiphany Russian Orthodox Church in Boston for services. Tonight the CrossRoaders will prepare for their service projects which are part of Stage 3 of Crossroad.

Day 6 – June 2008

Following classes today, we traveled to historic Faneuil Hall for some souvenir shopping and lunch. We ate dinner in the monastic style (silent except for one person reading allowed), and had quiet reflection time. The night finished with Mother Thekla speaking about her decision to become a monastic followed by Small Compline in the chapel and the displaying of the relics.

Day 5 – June 2008

Today after classes, we had the opportunity to take a historic boat tour around Boston Harbor. Afterwards,The Holy Resurrection Bulgarian Orthodox Church hosted us for discussion, dinner and a small evening service. Upon returning to campus, we headed back to the classroom to review brief synopsizes of 60 saints then we played CrossRoad Challenge…a spin off of the game show Jeopardy!

Day 4 – June 2008

Today, the CrossRoad mini-courses with Rev. Dr. Thomas Hopko and Dr. James Skedros have begun. These daily lectures are followed by with small discussion groups and reflection. Through this process our participants continue to articulate their Orthodox Christian faith and reflect on what they have learned.

The CrossRoaders also visited the campus of Boston College where they participated in an Orthodox Christian Fellowship(OCF) presentation on campus led by Orthodox college students from the Boston area. The OCF students shared the importance of staying connected to the Church during the college years and about the hundreds of college and university OCF chapters already established throughout the country.

For Vespers this evening we went to neighboring St. George Albanian Orthodox Church.

Day 3 – June 2008

Today the CrossRoaders participated in workshops on iconography, chanting and vestment making. These workshops, Orthodoxy in the Arts, took place at a neighboring Orthodox Church in Cambridge and began with a discussion led by Dr. James Skedros titled, “Holy Places and Spaces,” in the sanctuary. Following vespers and dinner, the staff led activities on Vocation & Worship and the CrossRoaders ended the evening sharing with one another what they have learned so far.

Day 2 – June 2008

On Day 2,CrossRoad began the day with liturgy.  In the afternoon, we headed to Beverly, Massachusetts for a Project Adventure Ropes Course stressing teamwork and trust. Though the weather brought some rain, the participants and staff did not let it cloud their day! The evening activity theme was the Sanctification of Time.  A Small Compline service completed the day.

Day 1 – June 2008

CrossRoaders from 15 states are ready to take the challenge! See the CrossRoaders on their first day learning about each other in a series of games and activities.