Entries by Niko

Day 8 – July 2013

Today, The CrossRoad participants were up early to embark on a “Breakfast Search” (unable to be photographed). In small groups with CrossRoad staff, we invited some of the homeless population to have breakfast and share their personal journey with us. Since we had risen so early in the morning, CrossRoaders were given “Be Still Time.” […]

Day 6 & 7 – July 2013

Today, the CrossRoad participants attended a third & fourth day of classes. The participants visited Holy Resurrection Bulgarian Orthodox Church where they had vespers and supper. In the evening, they participated in the Missonary seminar given by Fr Luke and the staff-led “Vocation 7 Christ in the Face of the Neighbor” session.

Day 5 – July 2013

Today, the CrossRoad participants attended their second day of classes. After classes, the group went into downtown Boston. After vespers at St. Mary’s Antiochian Church, a meal was served and students went back to campus. Once back to campus, the students were blessed to hear a talk on Vocation and Monasticism.

Day 4 – July 2013

Today, the Crossroad participants began classes in Scripture and Church History with our esteemed guest professors, Dr. Michael Legaspi and Dr. Popanik. After classes, the participants went on a trip to Boston, they headed to Holy Resurrection OCA Cathedral where they attended Vespers. In the evening, the participants were visited by Fr. Gerasimos Makris of […]

Day 3 – July 2013

After Orthros and breakfast, the students participated in a “Sanctification of Creation” session. In the afternoon, they visited St. Mark’s Coptic Church. In the evening we had a session on the Liturgical Cycle followed by a reflection by CrossRoad Participants on the first stage of CrossRoad, “Wrestling with Vocation.”

Day 2 – July 2013

Today we began our first full day of CrossRoad! After an early lunch, our group boarded a bus to Project Adventure for team building activities. We returned to campus in the evening to discuss the afternoon’s activities and for a session about the “Sanctification of Time.”

Day 1 – July 2013

Day 1, All CrossRoad participants arrived safely today. After getting settled in the dorms, they attended a Vespers service in the beautiful campus Chapel and enjoyed a delicious meal together. After staff introductions, the participants played icebreaker games and performed skits about the signature themes they learned about through the StrengthsFinder assessment. They are so […]

Day 10 – June 2013

The Last full day of CrossRoad began with Orthros and a session on “Life Giving Relationships.” Then, we left for some fun in the sun at a beach on the North Shore of Massachusetts. CrossRoaders and Staff spent the afternoon playing and relaxing before returning for the closing activities.

Day 9 – June 2013

Following Orthros, students joined Dr. Rossi for “Prayer and Purity” Part II. After lunch, CrossRoaders visited two different nursing homes, where they spent time talking with the residents. In the late afternoon, participants attended a Vespers service in the Holy Cross Chapel, followed by “Vocation and Missions” with Fr. Luke Veronis.