Alumni Presentation on CrossRoad

The best promotion for CrossRoad comes from you, the program’s alumni. There is nothing more powerful than when you share your personal testimonial about why CrossRoad was such a transformative experience.

For that reason, the CR Alumni Advisory Board created a presentation to equip you to share CrossRoad with your communities. You can easily download this power point presentation which is embedded with great photos, outlines many of the details of CrossRoad, and leaves you space to share your own personal anecdotes.

We have a great opportunity to assist in the promotional efforts of CrossRoad and to that end, the AAB has made it easy for you all to spread the word.

Please consider asking your parish priest if you can give a presentation to your church’s high school Sunday School class or during coffee hour for the purpose of spreading the word about CrossRoad and encouraging the juniors and seniors in high school to apply.

Click here to download the presentation!

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