CR 2019 Session Three: Day 10

After our last full day of Session 3, it’s time to say goodbye to what we’ve called “home” for a beautiful 10 days together. We enjoyed our remaining activities and couldn’t help but reflect on all we’ve gained this week at CrossRoad.

The morning began with our usual routine of Orthros and breakfast, followed by a session focusing on gratitude. We discussed the importance of displaying gratitude and had the opportunity to write hand-written thank you notes to the many supporters of CrossRoad that helped make this summer, specifically the Chicago session, possible.

Afterwards, we headed to Forest Beach in Lake Forest, IL where we had nothing but sunny skies and clear water! The CrossRoaders enjoyed a picnic lunch, ultimate frisbee, and, of course, relaxing on the warm sand.On the way back to campus, the staff surprised the participants with ice cream and we then headed back to campus with full stomachs and hearts!

Last evening, the participants were then given an opportunity to reflect on all they learned in Stage 3. It was truly inspiring to hear how their definition and view of their ‘neighbor’ had changed over the course of a few days. Additionally, last night was made even more special, as we were joined by many of our local CrossRoad Alumni. They shared their own vocation stories and how CrossRoad impacted them. They also offered their involvement in different Orthodox resources that could be useful to the CrossRoaders during their time in college and into their young adult lives. It was wonderful to hear how even 10+ years later, the lessons they learned in the Reading Room were still relevant, important and keeping them involved in the Church.

After, the staff surprises continued with a Chicago classic:deep dish pizza!! The group was able to grab some before heading over to our open mic stage to share their talents with one another! Wow, you have some talented children!! The room was filled with laughter, love and happy tears.

CR 2019 Session Three: Day 10