CR 2019 Session One: Day 10

After Orthros and breakfast, the participants had the opportunity to write thank you notes to the many supporters of CrossRoad who helped make this summer possible.

Afterwards, we headed to Singing Beach in Manchester-By-The-Sea, MA. The CrossRoaders enjoyed lunch, ultimate frisbee, swimming, and, of course, some singing on the sand. On the way back to campus, the staff surprised the participants with ice cream at Captain Dusty’s Ice Cream! 

When we returned, the participants were then given an opportunity to reflect on all they learned in their final stage of CrossRoad. It was truly inspiring to hear how their definition and view of their ‘neighbor’ had changed over the course of a few days. After their reflections, the staff provided various Orthodox organizations and resources that the participants can take advantage of after they leave CrossRoad. 

To finish off their last night together, we hosted an Open Mic Night. 

Every talent was absolutely incredible! The room was filled with love, laughter and happy tears. 

The night was truly bitter sweet. The participants and the staff became a family in just 10 days, but it is not time to say “goodbye”.

CR 2019 Session One: Day 10