CR 2018 Session Three: Day 9

Our time at CrossRoad is quickly coming to a close, but there is still so much to learn!

Yesterday, after celebrating Divine Liturgy at Saints Peter & Paul in Glenview, IL, the CrossRoaders enjoyed a delicious lunch and heard part 2 of Dr. Rossi’s talk on “Prayer”. He expressed the power of prayer and showed the participants a version of the Jesus Prayer that can be sung.

Shortly after, staff member Elias led a session on the importance of engaging with the elderly community; another neighbor that is often marginalized, and further unpacking who our neighbor is. In the afternoon, they were given an opportunity to serve their elderly neighbor. The group ventured to the Greek-American Nursing Home in Wheeling, IL and spent time talking and engaging in activities with the elderly.  It brought the residents much joy to have so many loving visitors!Upon our return to campus, we enjoyed a delicious surprise meal- hot out of the oven, from St. Demetrius Chicago’s Greek Fest. A big thank you to our generous donors for keeping the CrossRoaders and staff well-fed! From there, we went back to the Reading Room to begin our session on Vocation & Monasticism. We had the opportunity to skype with Sister Theonymphi from All Saints Monastery in Calverton, NY. She told us about their very own ministry, White Field Farm, which is an all – natural home + body product company that offers employment + job training to women survivors of human trafficking and is run by a small community of Greek Orthodox nuns.

The participants were able to ask questions about the program as well as any questions they had regarding the monastic life. We are so grateful to Sister Theonymphi and to the nuns of All Saints Monastery for taking the time to talk to the CrossRoaders and sharing their work this evening!

What a beautiful day filled with so many of God’s blessings! We look forward to our final full day together tomorrow.