Day 1 – June 2015

Yesterday the participants arrived excited and ready to “take the challenge” of CrossRoad! They come from 18 states across the US – from California to Pennsylvania, Wyoming to Tennessee.

While half of our staff greeted participants at Logan Airport, the other half of the team stayed on campus to assist the participants with getting settled in the dorm, taking tours of campus, and getting to know each other. We attended Vespers in the Holy Cross Chapel and then after dinner began icebreaker activities. With lots of laughter, the group started to get to know each other!

Following icebreakers we learned more about one another’s strengths utilizing the StrengthsFinder inventory that each participant took prior to coming to CrossRoad. The participants broke down into smaller groups to discuss the results of the StrengthsFinder activity and how they might develop these strengths in their daily lives.