Day 3- July 2014

Today, the participants engaged in two staff-led sessions, Sanctification of Creation and Pop Culture. The participants were challenged to look around at the world God has created and to both acknowledge the beauty and intricacies of this creation but also the ways that we have distorted creation and can be negatively affected by it.

This evening the CrossRoaders heard from Dr. Elizabeth Prodromou about how her faith has informed her career in Public Activism.

It is hard to believe it but tonight was the end of Stage 1, “Wrestling with Vocation”! At the end of the day, the CrossRoaders reflected on all they have learned in Stage 1 and shared there thoughts with each other.

As you can see it has been a busy couple days! The participants are learning so much and are already bonding so closely as a group! They are eager to learn and are having a lot of fun!