Alumni Advisory Board

Who We Are

The 2017 CrossRoad Alumni Advisory Board is made up of a broad range of CrossRoad Alumni spanning many CrossRoad years and living in various cities across the US! While we each bring different talents to the Board, we share a deep love for Christ and for the CrossRoad Program. If you are interested in joining the board, please see the additional details below.

Applications for the AAB Available Now!


2017 Board Members


Panos Coufos, July 2011


Spyridoula Fotinis, July 2015


Mike Henry, July 2010


Anna Kallis, 2005

Susan Kourtis, June 2014

Tim Markatos, June 2010


Asimina Pantazelos, June 2008


Pres. Caroline Pavlakos, June 2008


Lily Talmers, July 2015


Frequently Asked Questions

About the Board

What is new with the 2017 Board?

We are continuing a new application process that we began last year! The new Board will overlap with the 2017 Board during November and December. We hope that this will allow us to pool ideas from both groups to further solidify the foundation of the Board and help us plan for the future. During the weekend of November 17-19, both the 2017 Board and soon-to-be-chosen 2018 Board will meet for an in-person weekend retreat to review the Board Mission Statement and strategize for the upcoming years. Please consider applying to the Board to be part of these important conversations!

Do I have to be a High-School and/or College graduate to apply for the Board?

Applicants must have completed their first year of college and/or be at least 20 years old. Otherwise, we want alumni of all ages and backgrounds to serve on the Board. Tell us about how your unique gifts will be an asset to the Board in your application.

Who makes the decision as to who is on the Board?

The Board chair, retiring Board members, and representatives from the OVM review the Board applications.

How many Board members are there?

Each year we target around 12 Board members. This varies slightly based on the applicant pool.

What are you looking for in a Board member?

Every application is evaluated independently. We are looking at how your unique story and skill-sets will shape your contributions to the Board. No one skill-set is better than another (remember StrengthsQuest?!). We are looking for leaders who are also in good-standing with the Church.

What is the length of the Board term?

The 2018 board term will begin mid-November 2017 and will conclude end of December of 2018. During November and December of 2017, the 2017 and the 2018 boards will overlap. This overlap is intentional in order to improve transition and cohesion.

What time-commitment is expected of Board members?

Board members are asking to spend about 10 – 15 hours per month on Board related activities. This includes meetings, following up on emails and team/independent work.

What types of tasks do Board members do?

All sorts of things! Board members draft emails to the alumni, work on various initiatives (check out the rest of the website to see what they are), and discuss ways to better serve the alumni. We are all about helping the alumni stay connected and involved.

Does the Board have meetings? Would I have to travel for them?

The Board has a phone conference call every month to discuss the status of each team. Individual teams also have their own calls as needed to complete tasks.

There is an annual in-person retreat in mid-November hosted in Boston with both the outgoing and incoming Boards. The Boards will work together strategic planning for the upcoming year.

We also host an in-person meeting at the conclusion of the CrossRoad Alumni Retreat each Spring where we video conference in all board members that are unable to attend in person.

How can I apply?

Applications for the 2017 Board are now available! You can apply by downloading the forms and emailing them to us. The applications are also available to be completed online. Your recommenders can also complete their forms online or can email them to us. All forms must be completed and submitted by October 18, 2016.

The Board application seems long. Why do you ask so many questions? Why do you need a priest and a peer recommendation?

It’s not that long, promise! We want to know about you and not all questions apply to all people. These applications help us gauge your interests and background. We ask for a priest recommendation to confirm you are in good-standing in the Church and a peer recommendation to confirm you have “stayed connected” with some of your fellow CrossRoad Alumni. Some of our best ideas for Board initiatives have come from the feedback section of the Peer Recommendation.

I would love more information about the Board. Who can I talk to?

The best way to learn about the Board is to talk to a current Board member! Feel free to reach out to any of us or email the Board.

I’m not sure I have the time to commit to the Board, but I have an idea that would be great for the Board to take on. How can I send it in?

We hope you consider applying in the future when you do have more time! In the meanwhile, we love all feedback from the alumni so shoot as a message here.